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When looking into becoming a barber you should know the requirements that need to be met. You must at least be 16 years of age and have completed 10th grade in order to apply at Southern Arizona Barber College. You will also need to receive your High School diploma or GED by the time you graduate from SABC in order to qualify for our barber training program. Contact us TODAY to enroll in our barbering course so you can get your career started!
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Get quality training from SABC

Get your barber training from an old-fashioned barber school that has been established since 1959. Our instructors have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best barbering instructions possible. Learn more about our graduation requirements here.

Cost of your barber school instruction

Barber / styling program cost:
TOTAL: $8,500
  • Application fee (non-refundable): $25.00
  • Registration fee (non-refundable): $175.00
  • Books and tools (if tools needed): $700.00
  • Tuition: $7,600
Barber / styling program - cosmetologists:
TOTAL: $5,000
  • Application fee (non-refundable): $25.00
  • Registration fee (non-refundable): $175.00
  • Books and tools (if tools needed): $700.00
  • Tuition:$4,100.00
  • The cosmetologist has to have a current Arizona License in order to qualify for this program.

Course information and breakdown

Theory of Barbering / classroom instruction (minimum of 250 hours - this is mandated by the Arizona State Board of Barber Examiners)
This includes:
  • History of barbering
  • Professional image
  • Bacteriology
  • Infection control and safe work practices
  • Implements
  • Tools and equipment
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Electricity and light therapy
  • Salesmanship
  • Arizona State Barber Board Rules and regulations
  • Properties and disorders of skin
  • Hair and scalp
  • Treatment of the hair and scalp
  • Men's facial and massages
  • Shaving and facial hair design
  • Men and women's hair cutting and styling
  • Hairpieces
  • Chemical texture services
  • Hair coloring and lightening
  • Ethics and barber shop management
A student enrolled full-time may take no longer than 10 months to complete the program and a part-time student may not take no longer than 12 months to complete the program.
Part-time students must be enrolled at least 32 hours a week.
If a student takes longer than the anticipated date of completing, $6.50 per hour will be charged from the estimated completion date.
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Top-of-the-line barber training

This requires a minimum of 1,250 hours of practice in:
  • Haircutting for men and women
  • Shaving
  • Shampooing
  • Facial and massage treatments
  • Scalp treatments
  • Hair treatments (permanents and chemical)
  • Basic hair styling
  • Coloring
  • Hair care products
  • Skin products
  • Hygiene and sanitation

What does it take to become a good barber?

To become a good barber it takes dedication and maintaining high standards to your work. Your success will come from putting your customers first. By doing this you can develop relationships and build your clientel. Let SABC help you succeed, enroll TODAY!

Personal Qualification

Successful barbering is often more than offering a variety of services. Barbers must maintain high standards of personal neatness and keep their shop or work area immaculate. Quality work must be performed but, more often than not, a barber's success comes from putting customers at ease, giving them quick and courteous service, and knowing when to talk--and when to listen.

Barbers work in very close contact with customers and therefore must have a pleasing personality and excellent personal habits. It almost goes without saying that a barber must be neat, tactful, courteous, able to get along with people, and an excellent conversationalist.

Potential barbers must be in good health and have finger dexterity plus the ability to acquire academic knowledge. Good eyesight and hearing are important and age is usually no barrier to employment. A high school education is recommended and studies considering the profession should take courses in English, Social Studies, Business, Bookkeeping and Biology.