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Men's haircut

1.Shoulder length hairstyle inspired looks by Brad Pitts which will work for everyday man whether it’s short and styled.


2.The mainstream hipster hairstyle is really common nowadays for men of different age groups, we can see this looks on celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Bieber. For you to achieve this hairstyle your hair must be 10cm long and it works with wavy hair.


3.The James Dean style was a style icon of the 1950’s, a pompadour style with the side combed close to the head and top swept high over the forehead. This style is still popular today but it requires keeping your hair length shorter on the side and longer hair on the top of the head. To achieve this you may use styling gel or hairspray to hold the style of your hair.


4.Let it grow hairstyle, if your hair is medium straight or thick you can achieve this hairstyle just avoid haircut for 8-10 weeks until your hair is in your shoulder and you will achieve this style and once your there it is low maintenance.


5.The flow and comb hairstyle, this style is for a man who wants to have some length but not the whole coif; it also goes for most professionals. You can request to your stylist to give you a classic square cut but make it a bit longer on the front and side, apply you wet hair using a mousse and leave it naturally dry.


6.The Caesar hairstyle is a roman style inspired by Gladiator actor Russell Crowe and resurfaced by Gerard Butler. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle for those men who have fine, thick, wavy or straight hair. To achieve this you need to cut your hair equally on both sides and to maintain this you may need some products to apply it in your hair, you can ask you stylist to recommend what’s the best product.


7.The Bed Head hairstyle is for wavy and curly hair, it looks like messy but with style. Let your hair grow 2 inches on the site and 3 at the top and just add some style or texture so it will look better. You may also apply gel while your hair is wet or towel dried.


8.The Modified Skrillex is a slight variation of hipster look, a very bold and adventurous. This look isn’t usually suitable for mature and well-rounded kind of man. This is for electro-rock attitude and definitely not for professional look.


9.The James Bond hairstyle is clean and sophisticated, yet dangerous and mysterious look. It’s perfect for business and pleasure especially for mature man this look will be able to make you look younger and yet it shows respect and appreciation. This cut is close to scalp, blended and textured that’s why a regular visit to your stylist or barber is well advised to maintain this look.


10.The Mountain Man is a classic and clean square cut but masculine and rugged. This style is perfect for all aspects, types and ages. So if you’re planning for a haircut and you’re not sure what style this haircut or style is perfect for you.

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10 Best Hairstyle for Men

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